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Go Green

Collecting rainwater is a fine statement of your great ecological sense and sound conservation ethic.  Also saves $ watering plants, gardens, animals, etc.

Rain Barrel

Rainwater Harvesting


Catching the rain for a water supply is probably as  old as time itself.  Folks are looking at a rain barrel revival, because:


 *   We get the least rain when we use the most water.


 *  Allows you to keep your lawn green and enjoy the

    freedom from water use restrictions during the hot   

    summer months, while saving money.


 *  It's clean, more oxygenated, chemically untreated,

    great for lawn and garden irrigation.  Also, since it

    is more oxygeneated and lowers the pH of the soil,

    indoor and outdoor plants are much happier.


 *  $ave money, residential irrigation can account for

    40%  of domestic water consumption.


 *  Rain barrels not only store water; they help

    decrease demand during the sweltering summer


Non-Consumptive uses


Roof rainwater may not be potable and may require treatment before consumption.  As rainwater rushes from your roof it may carry pollutants, or bird feces.  Although some rooftop materials may produce rainwater that would be harmful to human health as drinking water, it can be useful in flushing toilets, washing clothes, watering the garden, rinsing outdoor tools and equipment, and washing cars; these uses alone halve the amount of water used by a typical home.